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Science Sayz is born directly of frustration and concern at the growing anti-science and anti-intellectual movement.

The decision to create this new business is not driven by money, I have a wonderful life near the ocean in Australia and I want for nothing. ‘Science Sayz’ is for me, a chance for informed people to fight back in a positive way. Hopefully we can change minds along the way.

Let me start by saying that I have no tertiary education in any field of science. I do however know what science is (and isn’t) and I think if the majority of people understood the process and the result, the anti-science movement would be stopped in its tracks. Even if the average person considered science as a way of thinking - a way of learning, more than just the ‘book of facts’ it is portrayed as, that would make a huge difference. My objective, through my label and my website is not to ridicule the ill-informed or attack beliefs, it is to influence and educate.

I want the Science Sayz logo to become recognised as the pro-science symbol - conversely, the symbol of the resistance. My dream is that the logo will become so well known that displaying it on your jacket, your car or laptop, or wearing a Science Sayz T-shirt will draw knowing smiles from other concerned citizens of our planet. That kind of esoteric reaction pretty much defines cool. If we achieve that, we will influence others.

Science is under attack in the post truth era. Join the resistance.

Please hashtag #sciencesayz if you decide to support my movement.

David Everett

Founding Director


Knowledge is empowering and presents armour against the nonsense we are presented with most days on social media

My father has an amazing breadth of general knowledge. Without a university education he has achieved expert level in the fields of modern history, astronomy and physics with a strong knowledge of other sciences and geography. I grew up with a father who could answer those wide eyed childhood questions like, why is the sky blue, the grass green and what happened to the dinosaurs.

In 2012, my own son was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. It was a death sentence at the time. He was saved by a brand new genetic targeted drug called BRAF inhibitor. He was the unluckiest 16 year old in the world - and the luckiest. Modern medicine saved his life with only months to spare. Then a few years later with that therapy surrendering to the aggressive cancer, along came immunotherapy. Within weeks his organs were cancer free and remain that way to this day. I became immersed in the science behind his startling recovery.

I have only just begun my science reading in the last ten years and I am nowhere near my father’s level of scientific knowledge. What I have absorbed though is an understanding of what science is and I strongly believe that the dissemination of that knowledge is vital in the modern era. Through ‘Science Sayz’ I have challenged myself to help make that happen.

While my son endured brain operation after lung operation after brain operation, I became increasingly angry at the horrible misinformation so ubiquitous on the internet, and even in the mass media. Nonsensical conspiracy theories about magical cures and despicable pharmaceutical companies with boardrooms full of Hitlers committing genocide in the name of money are widely believed. Meantime, brilliant science like immunotherapy was lightyears ahead of any substances that would allegedly kill cancer cells.

My passionate science advocacy has landed me into many heated conversations. Once people believe something, it is very difficult to persuade them otherwise. It’s the people in the middle that I feel I can influence. People who have just not taken the time to absorb an understanding of science. That knowledge is empowering and presents armour against the nonsense we are presented with most days on social media. Skepticism is more important than ever.

My Dad wants me to push the agenda once articulated by brilliant science communicator, the late great Carl Sagan. “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” I will just leave that here. Thanks for your time.

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